in which I try to plead my case for some fun places for kids near a coffee shop so I can relax while they entertain themselves…

Now that Ashley Pond is getting her big makeover, I keep thinking about how great it would be to use some of our county funds allocated for Art in Public Places to create something around the pond for our kids to enjoy for years to come.  the common idea I hear from a lot of moms is a fountain or splash pad…


What about a climbing structure, like the great ones on Pearl Street in Boulder?images

Or the cool one in Buena Vista? (I bet a few adults in this town would enjoy that one!)


There are so many great ideas for interactive art that goes beyond the typical bronze statue that reminds us of our past.

My kids always loved The Awakening when it was in DC near the Tidal Basin.Joel_TheAwakening

and we love the Railyard Park in Santa Fe, and how naturally it fits into the area (The guy sleeping in the tunnel with his guitar at 10am during the week we could do without, but hey, it’s just another great reminder of why we love Los Alamos!)


Anyway, I know we have money for art in Los Alamos, but how about spending that on something we could use and keep enjoying over time?  The thought of another statue that a tourist might stop by once to stand next to, and something my family might notice once, doesn’t seem like that great of an idea in a place where those resources could make this a much more family friendly area.