our purpose

This blog was formed out of the basic need for Los Alamos families and residents to know what important things are going on in the community.  Along with that, it will also hopefully  encourage interested residents to voice their ideas for making this a great place to live.  All of us who live here know that our town has so much to offer.  Safe community, good schools. incredible trails and great skiing, just to name a few things.  That being said, we also have our complaints.

Residents and families like mine have a real interest in the growth and development of this town.  We are raising our kids here, spending our money here (or not, unfortunately) and in many cases have our biggest financial investments (our homes) here.

Hopefully this site will help by compiling the need to know things in the community.  Important information about what’s going on in county government and around town in general.

Respectful and constructive comments and discussions are encouraged!