School board meeting tonight

I’m re-posting this from Susan about tonight’s meeting. Thanks Susan!!!

It looks like the consolidation of Mountain second grade classes from three to two (which means class sizes of at least 26, possibly more) is in effect, despite a number of parents reaching out to Dr. Schmidt and Gerry Washburn in the past week. For perspective, NEA recommends class sizes of 15 for K-3. Today, Tuesday Aug 13, there’s a School Board Meeting at 5:30 at the high school speech theater which is apparently located near the gym. Public Comment is early on the agenda and should occur shortly after the meeting starts. This is a good opportunity to voice concerns about class size, not only at Mountain but also at Barranca and Aspen, which also has large class sizes this year in second grade. The Administration and School Board are dealing with a tough budget year. If they know that parents (lots of parents) are concerned about class size, it could help them realize that smaller class sizes for elementary education is a priority for our community — and encourage them to find other ways to deal with their budget issues.


What do you think?

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